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058: Problem with Your Pitch

Jarrod Glandt is taking the solo reins again this week with the Pitch. Don’t believe the misinformation that the big media outlets are putting out for Millennials. For example, Bloomberg business just put an article out about Millennials living with their parents—they blame it on student loan debt. Jarrod thinks that’s a load of bull.

As a Millennial our problem is the inability to pitch yourself, your product, or your business. If you aren’t making enough money, it doesn’t matter where you live or what kind of debt you have. If you fix your pitch, you can get the job you want, the life you want and build your personal wealth.

Pitch 3-Point Format:
1. Get someone’s attention, get it fast
2. Be concise
3. Prepare with training and practice

When Jarrod came to Grant Cardone at 26-years old, he knew nothing about sales, but he knew a lot about persistence. Grant was forgiven and allowed him a space to prosper, but it took a lot of work, a lot of practice and was a huge risk.

“Your success dulls every day that you do not sharpen it.” – Jarrod Glandt

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