136: Responding to Fear

Grant Cardone offers success tips on how to responding to fear. Grant begins the episode talking about Ebola and how the media is focusing on this story and sensationalizing it. He explains that Airline Stocks, Delta, specifically took a dive because people are afraid to fly due to Ebola. He also mentions how Go Pro’s stock dropped 16% after it was linked to a skiing accident. Grant uses both examples to underscore how fear impacts business and the decisions we make. We must know how to respond to fear. Grant explains that fear does not benefit you until you make the decision for it to benefit you. He emphasizes that doing nothing is also an action. Any time a person is not taking massive action there’s a bit of fear that has crept in. According to Grant and as noted in his incredibly popular, best selling book The 10X Rule; there are 3 things that happen when there’s fear. FEAR RESPONSE OPTIONS 1. Assess and advance. 2. Get stuck in maybe mode. 3. Retreat. Grant advises people to pay attention when there’s fear and seek opportunities then act.

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