The 25 best colleges for a landing a high-paying job right out of school

It's great to land a job right out of college — but it's even more exciting when that job pays well.  The Princeton Review recently compiled a list of the 25 colleges with the best career placement in the c...

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Richard Branson Is Right: Time Is the New Money | Inc.com

In the Participation Age, a new form of payment is emerging: time. Source: Richard Branson Is Right: Time Is the New Money | Inc.com   Richard Branson just announced he would be giving Virgin employees unlimited vacation. He's either nuts or knows something others have yet to discover: You'll make more money if you give [...]

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150: How To Pick The Right Employer

Fixes To The Top Mistakes: 1. Don’t apply to every job in your marketplace. 2. Find out their mission. Know it. Live it. 3. Dress and act like you want that job. Sell yourself. 4. Don’t be dependent on the managers for direction. 5. Be interested in your company’s social presence over your own.

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