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You’ve probably written and rewritten your CV so many times you think you know all the pitfalls that kill the chances of an interview dead.

But in a highly competitive job market, even the tiny details can make a difference, and it’s often the stuff we take for granted that’s liable to trip us up.

StandOut CV, a professional CV writing service, has compiled the 27 most unusual mistakes job applicants make on their résumés.

Some are obvious, some aren’t. But the chances are you’re still making at least a few of them.

Check out the list below:

27. Wasting space

Damage rating: Low

To start with, don’t be afraid to fill all the white space on the paper. You’ll need every bit of it, so keep those margins small and don’t leave big gaps between paragraphs.

26. Including reference details

Damage rating: Low

Many make this mistake, but you don’t need references on your CV. That will come after the interview, so save the limited space you have for more important things.

25. Photographs

Damage rating: Low

Unless you’re applying to a modelling or acting agency, photos aren’t required and can even be a turn-off. Keep the page space for informative text only.


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