Success comes so easily, when you know how to get it. For so long, I placed ultimate value in what my teachers at school taught me. Learn all these subjects, fit in, be the same as everyone else, and then you will succeed in life. It never rang true with me, I never felt I fit in, and the nightmare of being bullied on a daily basis did little to help. I never felt that school was a good place for me, I was bored and saw little value in what many teachers said. There were a few that inspired me, though they were the ones who were supportive of being myself, and following my beliefs in life.

As life flowed further on, with various challenges, dreams coming and going, some being shredded with various life events, others being surpassed in an incredible way. All of which raised my level of intrigue with how I could achieve successful results in such incredible ways, yet fail so spectacularly in others. Where was the sense in all this success, or lack of it? How could I ensure that I actually achieved success on a regular basis? And really achieve consistent results in the way I wanted.

Below, are the 3 foundations of success that I have learned over the years:

1. The Secret Power Unleashed From Being Yourself

One of the key points I realized, after a huge amount of soul searching and correlating a few things from different courses, was about being me. This flew in the face of what so many had told me growing up. While fitting in can be good at times, if you are dramatically turning your back on who you are, you are also turning your back on your strengths, your inner power, and the diversity which is you within the world and will lead to your achievement of success.

Fitting in can help bring harmony. Though when you are being your real self, you are happier. That happiness leads to greater feelings of fulfillment which in turn, yield the fertile grounds from which the fruits of success and achievement of desired results spring forth. The twist on this, is that when you’re truly in your element like this, feeling happy and fulfilled, your vibration is such that you naturally attract other people who want to be around you.

Ergo, you never have to change who you are to fit in, because you naturally attract the circumstances to you, which fit you. Being your true self, your authentic self, brings success with far greater ease than if you are changing who you are to blend in with others.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

2. Letting Go Of Life Luggage Keeping Your Energy Productive

One of the other huge things that blocks people from achieving success in the way they want is dragging the past into the present…or even projecting it off into the future. So many people allow negative emotions and beliefs to block situations which they have zero relation to. Old stuff from childhood, which ceased to be relevant, comes through and blocks success with business deals and relationships, when it really has zero relevance, or reason to be there.

Most people have an increasing understanding of mindset and how things interact within it, with experiences leading to decisions that have far reaching implications. Though, few are able to actually release the things that are causing them issues in life and business. Emotional release and belief change can be challenging, however, they are achievable things though. Either through learning the right personal development techniques, or having the right coaching help.

I hit a huge turn around in life thanks to a course I signed up to. I totally reassessed my life, and let go of so much. Though, letting go is an ongoing thing. There are always things happening in life. So being able to let go, to release so you can be yourself, and be in harmony with yourself and life, is crucial.

At times this means allowing yourself to walk away and start again. Honoring yourself in this way can pave the path ahead which enables a smooth, efficient way to achieve incredible success. Letting go also means that rather than splitting your energy between suppressing negative emotions and working around limiting beliefs. You can flow totally in support of the success you are seeking, with a high degree of ease.

3. Get The Best Coaching And Mentoring Possible

Going at it alone can make for awesome success stories but it does increase your level of challenge. Getting help, getting experts who can impart the best knowledge and coach you into using it in the most effective way, provides a level of opportunity which is beyond measure in terms of the value it can yield.

For sure, sometimes finding your own way of doing things can be good. There are certain times where having someone, or a supportive group assembled to actually help you achieve success in a focused way, is really worthwhile. Why spend ten years achieving something when you could do it in six months with the right help? For a lot of people, pride is what blocks this from happening. Wanting to be seen as the best, and ultimate authority, able to achieve success on their own without help.

Yet, when you look at those who are ultra successful, their success came from getting the best help, and being open to it. While Tony Robbins is widely regarded as a huge authority on personal development, he had training, coaching and mentors. He developed a lot of things himself, though he also had a lot of help in the early years too. Every expert has had coaching and mentoring to help them. Many continue on, getting coaching and mentoring to help them consistently achieve success with new goals and dreams.

“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.” – Bob Proctor

Success Depends On Loving Who You Are And The Life You Are Living

All of this comes together under one heading, loving the life you are living. When you are, success flows easily. Anything less, things are out of balance, causing stress and restricting your ability to succeed. So flow with these success foundations as best you can. Commit to being your true self, let go of the past and the things which are unsupportive, and get the best coaching and mentoring you can, to really power yourself forward into success and the way you wish to be in life.