I receive thousands of emails and messages every day because of the line of work I’m in. I like to call myself a budding entrepreneur because I still don’t feel like I’ve become one completely. There are a few of my friends who tend to think that being an entrepreneur is like being your own boss, where you’d have no one you need to answer to.

While that is true, they don’t understand the fact that I am answerable to myself. It’s not always possible for me to have the same work schedule as everyone else. I work crazy hours and I get little to no time for myself. Just a few weeks ago, I was so absorbed in driving better growth for my company that I started neglecting my health and my social circle as well.

The outcome?

I became ill and had no one to reach out to. I would say to myself, “It’s okay, it’s part of the process.” But, the reality is that it wasn’t. In order to become a successful entrepreneur, there are a number of things that one needs to keep into consideration. Sometimes, it is important to take a break and rejuvenate your mind if you want to keep going with the journey.

As Robert Tew said, “Sometimes you gotta take a break from all the noise to appreciate the beauty of silence.” If the title is leaving you intrigued as to what we are talking about, we are discussing about Digital Detox. Statistics say that we spend around half of our day on electrical and digital devices, be it for work or for personal usage.

While you might not realize the severity of it now, the same is not at all favourable for someone who is stepping their foot into the world of entrepreneurship.

What is a Digital Detox?

If the term itself wasn’t self-explanatory, a digital detox is the phase of time a person spends staying away from any form of digital devices; be it their phones, laptops or even tablets. While the same might not make a lot of sense, it’s actually very beneficial for entrepreneurs who are dreaming of making it big in the world. Nothing comes easy and concentration and focus need a lot of nurturing which comes from self-care.

It’s very important to ensure you opt for ways around to get your hands on the basics and know what needs to be done to execute the same religiously. You can’t really make a decision of doing it one day and then back out from the same the next day. That is not how it works.

It is necessary you take inspiration from someone who’s already done this and has gained amazing results from it in their niche of work. Entrepreneurship is not easy and demands a lot of patience and dedication which is often deterred because of the constant digital intervention in our lives.

“My mind is constantly going. For me to completely relax, I gotta get rid of my cell phone.” – Kenny Chesney

Why do a digital detox?

When I first heard of this term, my first reaction was, “I can’t do this.” Given the fact that I’m hooked to my phone hours upon hours because of work or entertainment, I didn’t know how I would accomplish this or what kind of outcomes would come if I accomplish this.

Nevertheless, I was ready to give this a try and see the fuss all for myself. It is very crucial in your mind to know why you should do a digital detox. Nobody can force or persuade you to do this because every last bit of it is dependent on you.

If you are here wondering about the WHY, it is mainly to detach yourself from the constant urge to reach out for the phone or to document every moment that you spend differently. Being addicted to social media is one of the factors that can bring down your success rates of being an entrepreneur.

Doing a digital detox ensures that you get to explore your inner self without having to capture, document or ascertain them with digital means. We often find ourselves binge-watching the number of likes we have gotten from social media and if this attribute is something instilled within you, chances are that the same is going to affect your career prospects.

It is important that we don’t become so dependent on digital means, that surviving without it becomes impossible for us. I learned this the hard way, but the outcomes have been nothing but rewarding for me.

How to do a digital detox?

Now that we have touched bases with the WHATs and WHYs, it’s time we focus on how one can do the same. This is possibly the most important part of the entire prospect altogether.

Here are 2 ways you can do a digital detox:

1. Disconnect

The very first step is to go away to some place that’s not just unfamiliar for you but also someplace that would bring you peace of mind. Book a resort or a cabin on an island or anyplace that’s away from the mainstream places that the majority of the tourists would binge upon. Going to such places and encompassed with nature around is actually quite effective in getting this process done successfully.

“Relax! Life is beautiful!” – David L. Wolper

2. Have a routine

Being an entrepreneur means you need to stay in touch with clients, investors, and your employees too. However, this doesn’t mean you need to rely on your devices as if your life depends on it. Instead of clinging onto these devices all throughout, try and find ways to cut them to the minimum. Use them when necessary and ensure that you don’t depend on it with blind eyes.

It’s true what Fat Joe said, “I’d rather hustle 24/7 than slave away from 9-to-5.” This is what the majority of entrepreneurs think and if you want to weave the maximum results from the journey, you sometimes need to detach to return back with double the energy than before.

What do you think makes a successful entrepreneur? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!