I learned an extremely valuable lesson during my early years as an entrepreneur… If you want to make a lot of money, stop thinking about making money, and start thinking about making a difference.

I’ve had plenty of opportunities to test that theory over the years, and the time or two that I’ve strayed from it, my business shrank, and every time I kept the mission and service as the top priority, my business grew.

Well today’s lesson with Tom Bilyeu is an incredibly story that will confirm these words of wisdom for you once and for all.

Tom is one of three Founders of Quest Nutrition, which was the 2nd fastest growing company in America last year, with over $1 Billion in revenue.

So what do they do?

Well as with most great businesses, they were inspired by a personal problem… They were a health conscious trio, but couldn’t’ find a protein bar that they actually wanted to eat… A product that was made with the highest quality ingredients, and that wasn’t filled with sugar, but still tasted great.

Within a few weeks, they were mixing ingredients, and cutting out their first sets of bars by hand in a rented commissary kitchen. Challenges insued, money was hemorrhaging out the door, but as with every great tale of victory, persistence paid off.

Within the next 48 months, they’d become a billion dollar company, with a mission that had grown far beyond protein bars.

They’re quest is to end metabolic disease, and the nasty conditions that it creates like obesity and diabetes.

At the end of the days, this interview with Tom contains the secret to incredible success in life and business. You can substitute the product, the idea, or the industry with whatever you want. If you keep the same recipe they’ve used for purpose, mission, values, friendship, and growth, you’ll have the ingredients you need to achieve the same wildly successful outcome.

Please welcome someone I consider an inspiration and a mentor… Mr. Tom Bilyeu

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