Even though it’s the highest function we’re capable of, we go through our entire educational system without learning how to think. When we learn to think correctly, magical things start to happen. Sandy Gallagher shares the four-step process Bob Proctor used to think his way to wealth, health and meaningful relationships.


One of my favorite lines in this video is when Bob says, “You can’t just think and grow rich, you have to do something with those thoughts.”

That’s the part that most people miss.

Even if you manage to think about what you want several times a day, as Bob says in the video, there’s another step you have to take to get in harmony with your desires.

Essentially, there’s a four-step process to attracting the things you want. You initiate the process by taking the first two steps. The last two steps are automatic and universal responses to steps 1 and 2:

1. Build the idea and image in your mind of what you want.
Many people believe conscious thinking has no power over subconscious processes. However, it is by conscious, repetitious thought that the automatic, habitual patterns of the subconscious mind can be changed.

Your subconscious mind has no “will” of its own. It works only on the data which you feed it in the form of ideas, beliefs, and interpretations. And it always seeks to give you appropriate feelings and to accomplish the goals that you consciously feed it.

2. Internalize, or get emotionally involved with, the idea/image.
Thoughts which are mixed with feeling or emotion constitute a magnetic force. So to attract what you want, your thoughts must be accompanied by deep feeling and desire.

Do what Dr. Maxwell Maltz suggests in Psycho-Cybernetics:

“Picture to yourself what you would like to be and have, and assume for the moment that such things are possible. Arouse a deep desire for these things. Become enthusiastic about them. Dwell on them—and keep going over them in your mind. Your present negative beliefs were formed by thought plus feelings. Generate enough emotion or deep feeling, and your new thoughts will cancel them out.”

3. Change your vibration.
When you internalize a thought, it feeds into your subconscious mind, which is your emotional mind, and it dictates the vibration that your body moves into.
When we talk about the vibration we’re in, we’re talking about our emotional state or how we feel. That feeling or vibration is automatically expressed in action, including attracting the thoughts that build the ideas that will take you to where you want to go.

4. Attract what you are in harmony with.
Your action sets up a reaction, and as Bob explained in the video, you can only attract energy that is in harmonious vibration with you. Since your mind and body function on frequencies, just like a radio, they can only receive from the frequency they are operating on. And, in this case, it’s the frequency of your desire.

So, you see, you don’t attract what you want. Wants are in your conscious mind. You attract what you are in harmony with, what you ARE. And you ARE the thoughts that become fixed in your subconscious mind.

That’s how the Law of Attraction works. There’s no secret to it. Anyone can do it. If you focus on the first two steps, the rest will happen in accordance with universal laws.

Bob and I encourage you to play with these ideas for a while. We guarantee it will make a huge difference in your life.

To more and better,

Sandy Gallagher