This is NOT an exercise of how to make more money by cutting expenses. I asked this question on Twitter, “How much additional money could you have made in 2015?”  Three hundred and fifty-one people answered the survey with 100% saying they could have made more money. I guess those that thought they got it all didn’t answer the survey because zero was not an option. Forty-eight percent said more than $50,000. This is a great exercise and I use it each year to help me figure out how to grow the year. Thanks to so many of you and little drills like this, 2015 was the single best year I have ever had. We surpassed 2014 by 50% and that was a banner year until this one. I thought I would share this little game I play with myself because it has always helped me focus on opportunity and possibility.  I sit down with a piece of paper and ask:

 “What else could I have added?”

 “What could I have done more of?”

 “What products or services could I have added?”

 “Who could I have gotten with that would have made us money?”

When I do this I only look at income possibilities not how to cut expenses. I am not trying to get smaller, I am trying to expand. The question is anything to do with expansion and acquisition. How do I get in front of more people, help more people, collaborate with the right people and ultimately grow the company. This is NOT an exercise of how to make more money by cutting expenses. Try it and let me know if it helps you. I hope you had a great year. I did this at the end of November and came up with the idea that I would drop the price of our core product and make it available to individuals for the first time. When I told our executive team they freaked because this is our core product, our online Sales Training System we customize for corporations to train their sales and customer service people. We offer this program for $2500 a month to companies so when I told my team we were going to offer it to individuals for $995 as a one-time enrollment, they freaked again. We launched the special the week before Christmas as a holiday promotion and the response was insane. I will have to take it down at some point because it has caused some questions amongst our corporate customer’s but it also got me access to individuals I would not have been able to do business with because of price. If you get a chance to grab one at the special it is a ridiculous offer 93% off of full price. This “What Could I Do to Make More Money” exercise has never let me down and also responsible for the six live webinars this year, the expansion at GrantCardoneTV and the purchase of 10X Airlines. And I am sitting down right now to do it for next year.

Let me know if it helps you. I hope you had a great year and an even better one next year,

Happy Holidays!

Grant Cardone

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