What does everyone do before buying something they’ve never tried? Check for reviews and testimonials, of course.


That book looks pretty good

If you have your own business, you want to collect testimonials like your business depends on it. Because it does. There’s nothing like having someone else sell your services for you. Testimonials give you instant credibility and can more than make up for any lack of certifications or “credentials.” That’s why I include tons of testimonials for every product I offer.

(And if you don’t have a business, collecting testimonials from your boss and coworkers is just as important. And the tips below will help you, too.)

Later in the post, you’ll get a word-for-word script for getting powerful testimonials from your clients. Unlike everyone else, who gives you a laundry list of “the best questions to ask for getting testimonials,” I’m going to show you a simple, yet effective method to get the exact testimonial you want.

But before I do that, I want to cover something will make it easy for you to ask for these. I want to give you my 2-step process for collecting powerful testimonials.

How to get powerful testimonials

Step 1: The mindset you need to ask for testimonials

Most business owners and freelancers are afraid to ask for testimonials. They don’t want to intrude or bother their clients or supervisors.

But if you have a great product, and your clients got great results from it, they’ll be more than happy to give you a testimonial.

Think about it: Have you ever seen a TV show you loved so much you wouldn’t shut up about it? “Oh my God, you haven’t seen Narcos yet!? You have to, it’s soooo good.”

If you’ve made your clients’ lives better, they’ll feel the same way about you. They’ll be more than happy to help you spread the word.

That’s a simple, yet profound, mental shift.

Step 2: The actual script you can use when asking for testimonials

Here’s an actual script I’ve used when asking for testimonials:

Subj: Can I quote you for my site?

Hey Dude,

Thrilled to hear you’re doing so well with the company and the new direction.

I was wondering if you could give me a quote that I can use on my website – something like:

“Ramit completely changed the direction of our business. He re-focused our attention on our users, helped us figure out several lucrative marketing channels, and ripped apart an idea that would have wasted 6 months of our time. His advice will be worth well over $100,000 — and that was just over one dinner.”

-Mike Jones, Acme Corp

Is that cool?



Let’s break this down.

First, look at the overall structure. It’s direct and to the point. People are busy, so you show them tremendous respect by keeping this email focused. Note how the subject headline isn’t cute or clever, it simply tells your client exactly what this email is about.

Second, I open with “Dude” because I’m already on a friendly basis with this person. That’s how I talk to people, so it keeps the tone warm and conversational. Does that mean you need to use that specific word? No. The important takeaway here is that you keep it casual. Greet them the same way you’d greet a friend.

Now onto the most important part. Take a look at what I did after asking for a quote. I didn’t give him a blank slate to try and come up with something on his own. Had I done that he’d probably just sit there with no idea what to say. Then tell himself he’ll come back to it later and forget all about it.

So I drastically improve the likelihood he’ll respond by doing the hard work (thinking up something to say) for him. All he has to do now is tweak it so he feels comfortable with it and give it his stamp of approval.

That’s it!

Gathering powerful testimonials that can improve your business and career doesn’t need to be scary, risky or complicated. Just use the steps above and start asking.

How to fearlessly ask for (and get) testimonials

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