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087: Present Price with Confidence

There are 80 million Millennials out there and no, not all are lazy and entitled. There are plenty who want true freedom, prefer entrepreneurship to the 9 to 5 grind and are hungry for mentors who give them the real deal.

Grant Cardone and his millennial protégé, Jarrod Glandt target the under 35 crowd with the tips and insights they need to succeed in any economic climate. Between the loose laid back banter and the frequent references to Jay Z, Kanye, Led Zeppelin music and other pop culture millennial viewers consider Grant their “millennial mentor” and can’t get enough of Grant and Jarrod’s straight up no BS advice.

Today’s show is about handling price with confidence. Even when price isn’t an issue there are companies out there with people on the phone who aren’t properly trained.

Are price objections something that come up a lot for you? What’s the goal of the call? You shouldn’t be handling price. You should be initiating price and controlling the dialogue.

Do you want more money in your life? You’re going to have to confront your boss for a raise or handle the sale of your home. You’re going to have to handle price objections.

Prices are a myth.


1. Are you talking to a decision maker?

2. Are you talking to someone qualified with the money to buy?

3. Do you have a product that people want and will solve their problems?

Do you want to lower your price or raise your confidence?

Watch the full episode or listen to the podcast to hear the BOMBS Grant and Jarrod are dropping on how to handle price!

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031: How to Build Confidence!

According to Grant and Jarrod, millennials are often criticized for being entitled, lazy and self absorbed. Despite these negative stereotypes it is important millennials push ahead and strive for the success they want. Confidence plays a huge role in this. The following tips to build confidence are discussed in this episode along with great callers with BIG energy, hilarious freestyle rapping from Grant and featured music and mentions of Drake, Lil’ Wayne and Kanye West.

Why is it so important to have confidence?

Here is how to build it and why:

1. Be professional in your dress and language. How you carry yourself counts!

2. Be the first one there

3. Have a great attitude

4. Gain knowledge

5. Work extra and go in on off days.

6. Be consistent.

7. Bring In Revenue

Grant Cardone, NY Times bestselling author, self made multimillionaire entrepreneur, international sales master and motivator in business and life, along with his Vice President of Sales and protégé Gland offers insights and advice each week on Young Hustlers, a webcast that helps Millennials ages 18-33, to better their careers, businesses and finances so they can create true freedom in their lives.

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118: How to Build Self-Confidence to Point of Being Delusional

Grant Cardone, NY Times bestselling author, self made multimillionaire entrepreneur, international sales master and motivator in business and life offers insights and advice each week on the Cardone Zone, a show that helps people better their careers, businesses and finances so they can create true freedom in their lives.

In this episode, Grant Cardone talks about ‘Technological Unemployment’ and what people must do to protect their role in the marketplace to outsourcing and robots. Grant encourages people to work for smaller, more entrepreneurial organizations on a growth path as opposed to larger corporations where you can easily get lost. Grant offers his take on where he sees the future heading and throughout the show elaborates on his 4 tips to make sure you’re irreplaceable.
1. Pay attention to the changing world.
2. Decide to advance or get displaced or replaced.
3. Embrace change and see it as an opportunity.
4. Master a skill that cannot be replaced or automated.
5. Quit working and start leading.

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Key Resources Mentioned in Today’s Show:
Get Ready Robots Are Going To Steal Your Job: http://www.cnbc.com/id/101728464

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117: How to Build Self-Confidence to Point of Being Delusional


Welcome to Cardone Zone this is Grant Cardone from Miami Beach – Every tuesday I come to you to help with your business, career and finance….

The unemployment rate in Europe fell from 11.8% to 11.7%.

Think that couldn’t happen in America?
91 million Americans ‘on the sidelines’ looking for work?
Add to that
America’s 65-and-older population
More and more people are dropping out of the labor force and spending less and less money.

Graphically, the trend is breathtakin
1.5 million per year for at least the next fifteen years.

We are seeing record high numbers of people falling into the 65 and over age bracket, resulting in a significant shift in U.S. demographics and thus the labor market.”
Spending LESS
Buying Fewer Cars
Contracting Not Expanding
Add to that Obama Care — Social Security and Medicare failing
What are you going to need –
A Different Game Plan
A Different Title

ENTREPRENEUR CAME FROM the eighteenth-century economist who coined the term defined the term as “bearer of risk.”
Yet research shows that entrepreneurs are just as risk-averse as the rest of us.

“Only when it comes to starting a business are (entrepreneurs) daring,” “because the fundamental characteristic of entrepreneurs isn’t risk-seeking; it’s self-confidence.”

Indeed, the confidence necessary to beat the odds and sustain a new business seems to verge on delusion.


According to a 1997 study from the University of Houston, entrepreneurs are overconfident about their capacity to prevent bad things from happening to their business.

According to the same study, entrepreneurs are overconfident about their business’s prospects.
In a 1988 Purdue University study of 3,000 entrepreneurs, more than 80% of participants thought that their business had at least a 70% chance of success.
In the same study, 33% of entrepreneurs thought they had a 100% chance of success.
A 2013 study from Erasmus University Rotterdam found that entrepreneurs think they will live longer than everybody else.

Nobel Prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman says that the delusion is necessary, given that a third of American small businesses flame out within the first five years and two-thirds perish within 10.
“A lot of progress in the world is driven by the delusional optimism of some people,” he said in an interview. “The people who open small businesses don’t think, ‘I’m facing these odds, but I’ll take them anyway.’ They think their business will certainly succeed.”
A realist will have a harder shot at success in the world, Kahneman says, since people tend to favor optimists. They rise quicker in organizations because they believe they can. They attract more funding for their enterprises by selling their vision. People will work harder for the optimistic leader because they want to be assured that it’ll all be OK. Studies of meetings show that people don’t listen to the most informed person in the room; they default to the loudest one.
That’s why we say that these people have a “can-do spirit,” Kahneman says. “Among other things, a ‘can-do spirit’ means you think you can do things you cannot do.”
And sometimes, it’s this semi-delusional thinking and a little luck that makes the seemingly impossible possible.

How do you get Confidence….. Can Do Spirit

1) Take Responsibility for it
2) Make this the MOST important thing everyday
3) Train Every Day
4) Reinforce the Successes
5) Tap into GREAT people.

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